USFIN ATELIER is a concept salon for the Australian fashion focused ‘Skin care for your hair’ KEVIN.MURPHY. range, home for next generation hair artists. USFIN ATELIER is also a floral design studio, catering to weddings, special events, occasions and any general flowery requirements. The name USFIN ATELIER, is US (their team) working together, of the FINest Standard, in their creative workshop (Atelier).

As the two owners both love the North Europe design style, our concept for USFIN is simple, clean and minimal. When we design the logo, we choose the initial words ‘U’ and ‘A’ from USFIN ATELIER and lock them together. The trendy marble looking is the owners’ favorite pattern so we maximum use it as main design element. The whole branding of this project is to match the space’s Scandinavia style: white space, elegant Serif font, refreshing looking, stand out from the current beauty industry.

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